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AYA Ambassadors Logos

Medium/Programs: Photoshop (Wacom Tablet) and Illustrator

Clients: AYA Ambassadors and the African American Cultural Center at NC State

This was a logo project for a student organization called the AYA Ambassadors at my African American Cultural Center internship at NC State. I did some sketches based on the Aya symbol (shown in right corner of the second image) that represents endurance and resourcefulness. I basically tried to incorporate the fern into the logo itself in a smooth, organic manner. I also made them that typeface on the "AMBASSADORS" from scratch (if you want a name for it, it's the AYA typeface). We decided on having a circle/emblem logo for social media and a simpler logo for letterhead and more professional situations. Sadly this logo was never used, which kind of stinks (I think the organization wasn't allowed to do so). I wanted to make a bunch of different colorways for holidays and what not, but oh well, comme si, comme ça. 

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