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Berserk Tribute

Program/Medium: Photoshop (Wacom Tablet)

Client: Me

Berserk is one of my most favorite comics, and Kentaro Miura is one of my favorite artists. If you like anything related to fantasy, you should do yourself a favor and check Berserk out. It's awesome. I was just goofing around doing warm up doodles and a crappy Guts came out. I decided to not half ass it and actually add a background and make the picture a real scene instead of Guts just floating there on a white background, something that has become an artistic theme for me (basically to give a shit, put pride into my work, after this I made it a point to finish things after I started them). I came into 2020 just wanting to try to get better at art and actually finish something. I realize that so far I have failed with this piece, but I really want to come back and finish it later in the Summer. I gotta complete a set of pictures for my soon to be born daughter and then I can get back to drawing horrible gore and monsters again. I'm not going to quit on you Guts, just like you haven't given up on getting revenge on those who wronged you. Guts and Schierke (the tiny witch) are owned by Kentaro Miura (I made the weirdo monsters all up!).

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