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Beyond the Ivory Tower Flyer

Program/Medium: Photoshop (Wacom Tablet)

Client: African American Cultural Center at NC State

At my internship at the African American Cultural Center I was asked to put together a flyer for a table talk on a short time line. Together with the shepherding of my boss, Dr. Sachelle Ford, we came up with this flyer to advertise the event. I incorporated interests and research topics of the Doctors's involved in the talk in the symbols on the table. There are also Adinkra symbols from West African on there at the request of the students (thank you to Daniel) in the Aya Ambassadors on campus. The longer version on the bottom is a billboard version that had to be tweaked for bigger screens. I decided to put this, along with 2 other images I made for the AACC, in the Graphic Design section because of all the type stuff and arrangement I did along with the illustration. 

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