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Bark in the Park 2020 T-Shirt

Program/Medium: Photoshop (Wacom Tablet) and Illustrator

Client: Spike Eskin and The Rights to Ricky Sanchez

I was contacted by email by Spike Eskin from the Rights to Ricky Sanchez podcast ( the only Philadelphia 76ers podcast, yes, it's about basketball, sometimes) asking if I wanted to take a swing at a shirt for the yearly fundraising team he heads for an event at the Providence Animal Center (  in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. I jumped at the chance and following his loose direction came up with the idea of a bunch of dogs on fire with some skulls in the background that were also made of fire. It's a totally silly shirt that was for a good cause, helping some good bois and girlz. I hope all the people who got one smile at how goofy it is just like I do. I put my dog Thor (the small non pug dog on the bottom left) along with  Spike's dog Rebel (right in the middle, this was one of Spike's few actual requests) on the shirt for funsies. I had a short deadline and it took about ten days to complete in total, something that I am proud of. That doesn't mean it's perfect, I probably could have made the fire have a gradient and fixed a bunch of other small stuff, but deadlines are deadlines. Dogs are great, go adopt one.

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