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Cat Story 2: Cat's Don't Dance

Programs/Medium: Photoshop and After Effects

Client: College Assignment (Intro to Animation)

We were assigned a project in our Intro to Animation class on rotoscoping (basically animation done by tracing real life pictures, it's how Snow White was done!). I decided to rotoscope my cat. While I enjoy the silliness of the short there are a few things I see wrong with it.


1. I should have used a much better camera so I could have clearer images/footage


2. I didn't have a wacom tablet then, so I did all of my tracing with a computer mouse, if I had to redo the project now it would take a quarter of the time to get all the frames ready and animated. Then I could have done more post production and had better transitions and more detail in my animated cat. 

Problems aside, I enjoyed this project and had fun putting it all together. I think I'm the first person to rotoscope a cat dancing. 

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