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Help Curtail Cat Overpopulation

Program/Medium: Illustrator and Photoshop (Wacom Tablet)

Client: Kids 4 Critters

I was contacted in late July 2020 to help Kids 4 Critters create a digital comic to educate kids on the perils of Cat Overpopulation. I tweaked the script just a little bit to make a bit more sense in the beginning (I just gave them a reason to go to the Animal Center), but pretty much everything else was the original script by Linda Pattison. It took about 3 and a half months to complete in my free time from my full time job and taking care of a newborn, but I think it came out pretty nice. Are there some things I could make better? Always. But sometimes you just gotta say "Okie dokie, all done" so you don't go even more bald.  

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