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Faye and Scooter's Chatalogue: A Kids 4 Critters Coloring Book

Programs/Medium: Illustrator and Photoshop (Wacom Tablet)

Client: Kids 4 Critters

Our 5th project was easily the biggest, but also the most rewarding. This was a coloring book based around learning dog and cat behavior (aka their pet languages) where the authors also wanted to put in learning some foreign human languages (and on top of that, learning about countries of the world, too) to make it even more educational. It took about five months to design the main characters, lay out the entire book, actually draw everything, and then finally put it all together in a tidy package. We tried to include as many dog/cat breeds as possible (although, truth be told my cat breeds aren't really all that different here, sorry cats :( ), with a focus on breeds you'd find at animal shelters on the large picture pages. I included some family pets and random pop culture easter eggs I hope people enjoy. Kids 4 Critters printed about 1200 copies and it came out great. It always makes me smile when I get updates from K4C of the students happily receiving their books. 

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