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Kids 4 Critters 

Program/Medium: Photoshop (Wacom Tablet), Illustrator, Pencils, and Pens

Client: Kids 4 Critters

While waiting to start my career (AKA get a paying, full time job) I decided that instead of just making up fake brands to create logos/branding, I could actually help people and pad my graphic design portfolio at the same time. So I volunteered with a Wake County, North Carolina school program that teaches 4th graders about the joys of pet ownership. I've helped them revamp their branding and created a bevy of different graphics for their program. So far we've redone their main logo, made a logo with their mascot (the adorable Mister Peters), put together a Thank You card using some original art done by one of the Kids 4 Critters members (Jen Maxwell), made a Wiener dog logo and bumper magnet, a folder sticker with Mister Peters, a full coloring book, and a flyer about the dangers of owning wild animals. The best part of all of this is having my work actually be used and appreciated. As of right now I've completed everything they needed from me so I'm on a break, but I may do more for them in the future (this came to be as I was asked to make a comic for them at the end Summer 2020). It's all about helping the Kids and the Critters. Please visit their site at to learn more about their program. They really care about helping pets and teaching kids, and were great to work with. 

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