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Nursery Pictures for Isla

Program/Medium: Photoshop (Wacom Tablet)

Client: My Wife and Daughter

My wife wanted to decorate our nursery with a woodland theme and was going to buy some prints on Etsy. I arrogantly said "Ew, I can just make some for free!" and that lead me down the path of first failing to give her what she wanted (she asked for cute animals, depicted in a watercolor-esque style, take a look at the Raccoon WIPs to see the first failure style using more realistic animals). Then me having to figure out how to color things cute and for children. I didn't totally succeed on the watercolor front (turns out it's hard to stubbornly get the default Photoshop brush to look like something else), but I think I figured it out in my own way. Thankfully my wife approved of them, and they are now hanging in our house proudly. 

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