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Tsunade from Naruto

Program/Medium: Photoshop (Wacom Tablet)

Client: Me

This is part of a 3 picture set of the Legendary Sannin from Naruto. I originally started the Jiraiya picture just to see if I could "finish" a picture in a weekend, but then it lead to me doing all three of the Sannin in a picture of their own. For whatever reason, this is the picture I got the farthest. Then I moved to the Jiraya picture to get it to this finished black and white line art state and was going to do the same to the Orochimaru picture, but a new picture (the Berserk tribute) surfaced that started to distract me. After I finish a set of pictures of my daughter I am going to come back and finish all of these. No pictures in 2020 will be left behind. I'm going to come back for our large chested slug princess. Tsunade (and slugs too) is owned by Masashi Kishimoto. 

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